protein bars before a workout

What is that you plunge on to when hungry? Cookies, fries, popcorns, chocolates, etc. How about if these fillers turn healthy? Yes, people, there is a healthy form of snack too, called protein bars.

The role of protein is that it regulates the entire body tissues and organs. It transports nutrient, carries electrolytes, vitamins and ultimately builds muscles, skin, bones, blood, and cartilage.

On, there is a wide range some of the best protein bars for bodybuilding purpose. There is Clif Bar- pumpkin flavour, chocolate flavour, whole wheat, and Optimum Nutrition cake bites as well. In order to choose which the best protein bar for bodybuilding is for you take the following steps into consideration.


Purpose: Figure out the purpose for which you need a protein bar. For instance, if you are not working out or you are having a low- active life then it is useless to consume protein bars as it will only increase your weight. However, if you are working out and indulging into extensive exercise then protein bars are must. The best protein bars for bodybuilding are rich in whey and soy content, and hence a must for post work- out snack.

Ingredients: Next, check the ingredients before buying a protein bar. The carb content must be low than 20 g per bar. Then it should definitely have whey and pea proteins. When it comes to fibre content, see that there is three or more than three grams of fibre in one serving. It will keep you full for a longer time. The best protein bars for bodybuilding will not have any trans fat and will also be low in saturated fats. The oils, yes, see that your protein bar has healthy oil such as palm oil, olive oil or kernel oil. Lastly, check the sugar constituents. Make sure you do not buy protein bars with sucrose, or fructose corn syrup.

Weight: Also important is to consider the fact that are you trying to loose weight or gain weight. For weight loss purpose protein bars can prove as a good filler. Just make sure the calorie intake from your protein bar is upto 200 calories.


Some of the best protein bars for bodybuilding available on are:

Cliif Builder Bar- crunchy peanut butter: This product has high protein content, no trans fat, 23 vitamins cum minerals, and a good amount of peanut and soy.

Clif energy nutrition bar: The Clif energy nutrition bar has the perfect nutrient for sustained energy. It is high in proteins, with no trans fat, and lots of organic oats and soyabean.

Mojo sweet and salty trail mix bar: You will love it, this protein bar is unique. It is a peanut butter filled pretzels. The bar is entirely natural, 70% organic and has delicious nutty flavour.

Optimum nutrition cake bites: Oh this is a scrumptious protein dipped snack, especially for active adults. The ON cake bites provide instant energy and keeps your body strong.

Clif Whole Nutrition Bar: This protein bar has whole nutrients in it. There is calcium, folic acid, vitamin D, iron, protein, and fibre.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to fill up your pantry with healthy protein bars.

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