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How you carry out your daily activity depends upon the energy with which you start your morning. We are living in a metropolitan world, constantly running after one or the other thing. In such scenario maintaining your energy levels is very important. This blog shall inform you about the best energy supplements of all time.


Scroll below to know the best energy supplements and vitamins that shall be beneficial for you all year round:

  • Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B is a family of eight members whereby vitamin B12 is most important. Vitamin B12 is helpful for cells to produce energy.

    Once the oxygen arrives to your body’s cells, it is then used for energy production. Vitamin B12 also has a crucial role in maintaining neurological function. According to a recent study, people who do not consume enough vitamin B12 incur a greater risk of fatigue, weakness, or weight loss.

    Vegetarians and vegans are especially recommended to consume vitamin B12, since they do not consume the main sources of vitamin B12 such as fish, meat, eggs, dairy, and other fortified foods. Also, older adults, and people with digestive disorders like Crohn’s disease, are at a risk for a deficiency because they are less capable of absorbing the B12 they consume. Hence vitamin B12 is the perfect energy boosting supplement.

  • CQ10

    Coenzyme Q10, aka CQ10, is crucial for energy production. It is an antioxidant that maintains proper cell function. Found in every cell of the body, COQ10 is helpful in producing energy. Various researches show that COQ10 is beneficial to patients with cardiovascular disease.

    CoQ10, like vitamin B12, is mostly found in meat, particularly organ meats, as well fish and peanuts. Hence, vegans should definitely take it in the form of supplements. Although the human body is capable of producing CoQ10, but with age this ability naturally diminishes, hence it becomes incumbent to take supplements.

  • Magnesium

    Next on the list of the best energy supplements is magnesium. It is not only associated with energy production but also with combating insomnia. Magnesium is known for promoting better sleep. It is also one of the most abundant minerals in the body, managing more than three hundred different biochemical reactions, including muscle function, nerve function, blood glucose control, and energy production. Better sleep through magnesium will make you feel more rested and hence save your energy.

  • Iron

    Iron is undoubtedly one of the best energy supplements. It helps to optimize cell function. Iron supplements contain essential minerals that help oxygen to circulate throughout the body. It also helps the body’s cell to function and develop properly. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which can further impair cognitive abilities, decrease immunity, and negatively impact work performance.

    Iron supplements are sourced from both plant and animal sources. They are specially recommended for vegans, for women who experience heavy menstrual cycles, and for pregnant women because iron is important for fetal development.

  • Adaptogens

    Adaptogens have proven to be the best energy supplements since they ease stress and keeps you robust throughout the day. Adaptogens, to define, are a group of botanical supplements that protect the human body against the effects of physical and mental stress.

    All the adaptogenic supplements are sourced from non-toxic herbs. They provide widespread physiological support, and help to balance the body’s processes. It is basically a plant based medicine, with brilliant health effects.

  • Creatine

    Creatine is the quickest source of increasing energy in your body. Creatine is that important mineral which lends its phosphate to ADP and becomes ATP, which in turn, gives you the energy needed for high-intensity.

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